WDTV-Live connection problem

Hello !

I installed my wdtv-live in my wlan and had no problems in using the internet. I wanted to connect my pc to use one of my HDDs as video-library but it doesn´t work. When I choose the HDD in the menu of the wdtv the login “anonymus” appears with an empty password. Any changes at this points have always the same result: “bad login or pwd, try again”.

How could I solve the problem ?

best regards,


If your PC is already set to share with “everyone,” there’s no need to change the login info.   Just accept the defaults.

If it’s not working, your PC isn’t configured to share with “EVERYONE” and / or password-protected-sharing is still enabled.

the link below is for windows 7 and it gives a good overview of whats required to set up windows sharing -