WDTV Live causes my WIRELESS NETWORK to drop after 3-5 minutes

I understand there are a ton of users with network issues. I am wondering if my issue is the same as everyone elses.

Here is my setup:

(2) WDTV Live

(2) Dlink DWA-140 wireless adapters

(1) Dlink DIR-655 wireless router

(1) My Book World Edition II 4 TB NAS

The problem I am having is the WDTV makes my router disconnect from the internet. Anything else connected to the wireless router, like laptops, are disconnected as well. It happens every time.

The DIR-655 is set up to email me anytime there are disconnects. Once I turn on the wdtv around 3-5 minutes later I get an email saying connection has been dropped. I also get one from the Media Center as well. (My Book World Edition II). Any pc connected to the wireless connection is also dropped and cannot get online until the router is back up and running.

After that point I can stay up until the wdtv is turned off again. It’s just that first time the wdtv is turned on. Either wdtv is having the same effect.

I have the lastest firmware for all the products mentioned. I also have a ton of settings from the various posts. You can read details here if you like. I need to update it as I am having these issues now.


I get the same error either with network shares or direct to the Media Server.

Is anyone else having this type of error that actually causes your wireless network to drop the moment you get the  “There was a problem connecting to the network.  The device could not connect to the network.” error ???

Could you clarify just one more point – is the Live directly connected or is it wireless as well?

If it’s wireless, then I’d look strongly at the wireless adapter it’s using (maybe try another).  If hard wired, then there may be something in the network setup that Live is doing very wrong (I’ve got Lives on my network both ways, wired and wireless and needless to say I’ve never had this issue, although I have had dropped connections.  My internet has always stayed working – indeed, I haven’t rebooted my router in many months now).

Wireless. Both using the Dlink DWA-140 adapters that are listed in that compatibility document.

Yeah, I’m going to guess that’s the issue.  The problem is that because the Live is firmware, you can’t update the drivers for your wireless adapters.

Definitely try another adapter (I don’t care if it’s listed or not, try another one in the list that folks use around here with success, even if you return it the next day).  If it solves the problem then you know where the fault lies (and it’s easier to buy another adapter or two then wait for WD to fix any issues with the ones you are using).

Amazon has an excellent return policy so I might just do that. I even thought about getting another router just for the wdtvs and media server. The big issue for me is that it is kicking everyone off when those start up.

I really appreciate the ideas and help.

Out of Interest.

I had a similar problem where turning on a Soundbridge internet radio caused the complete network to go down. It turned out to be the firmware on my Netgear router. I downgraded and everything was OK. May not be the same solution but it is definitely the same sort of problem.

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That sure does sound like the same type of issue. I know I have the latest firmware and will try the one before now to see what happens. Thank you

Same type of problem for sure. When I downgraded all is working like it should now. Thank you very much!

I always speak too soon! About 4 days ago I switched from wireless to running cat 5 throught the house. So far no drop outs at all…I mean nothing. No lose of connection period. I hope it does stay like this. But in all honestly I have never had a more frustrating product in my life. But when it works… its great. I did however preorder 2 Popbox Wireless Media Centers from Amazon.

I just want wireless in the house and something that does not require a ton of fixes etc…who knows really what I am going to get out of the Popbox…but hey its worth a shot right? I am not trying to be negative about the WDTVs at all just ready to move on I guess.

As you say, who knows what your experience will be with the (untested) new device.  In my experience, you will find the same sorts of combination of frurstration and happiness.

My Live(s) work fine, but if you want to talk frustrating you’ve never lived until you’ve tried AppleTV.  That’s the most amazingly frustrating piece of hardware I’ve ever used (and they have a TON of hardware and software techicians to support it).  On a scale of 1-10 I’d rate the Live as about a 7 when it comes to working properly, and ATV about a 1. 

Best of luck to you (but do remember, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.  You may well come to look on your days with the Live as the best time you’ve ever had :>)