WDTV Live can't see folders in my NAS

I have a Freedom9-Freestore 4020 NAS with 2 TB of storage. I have the authentication mode set to Local Authentication Type (Windows). My WDTV Live under File Shares, sees the NAS but tells me there is no media content. It doesn’t see the folders that have the media content.

All of my Win XP machines can see the NAS drive w/o any problems. The WDTV can see any/all of my shared folders on the Win XP machines.

Any ideas on what the problem could be? I’ve even tried mapping the NAS drive to a PC and then sharing it (WDTV doesn’t see mapped drives). WDTV has latest firmware.

At initial setup of the network settings on the WDTV, it asked for USER/PASS which I entered and could then see all of the drives. It sees the NAS, but doesn’t think there is any content.

Have you check autologin feature. If not, go to clear the login information. Enter fresh username / password and immediately enable autologin. All the best.

Try a different breed of NAS.  I have seen some crappy ones that the WDTV does not play nice with (the PATRIOT Gear Box, for example).