WDTV live bugs and other issues

Hello all, this is my first post here. I am from The Netherlands, 55 years old and just bought the WDTV live. Main purpose will be streaming Spotify. Installing the WDTV is pretty easy and aciivating Spotify is a breeze. All my playlists and favorites were found.

However, I found some bugs which were already reported here:

  • When a playlist plays, the artist doesn’t change. The same artist were you started with, stays on with every new number

  • The WDTV crashes with long playlists

I know this is mentioned before here, but I would like to know if this is going to be adressed with a new update???

What I miss:

  • the possibility to delete tracks from a playlist. You can delete a whole playlist, but not a single track in a playlist???

  • It would be nice to enable the “search” button for Spotify. Now you have to go back to the main menu for searching labums, tracks or artists. It would ne so more convenient to use the search button when in a playlist.



There always working on updates and the longer it takes the more they are working on.

Given the fact that the have the wd play its a safe bet they are hard at work developing  solid firmware that can be used on both .

It is a cracking box but it is riddled with bugs that lets it down greatly ive had mine since jan this year and had to unplug it the plug back in many times hopefully when the next update comes out it will fix it but from various reports on here it tends to create more bugs it does me for the time being but i am considering a roku for the living room and sending thisone to the bedroom.