WDTV Live av out

Hello all
I need help - I have a new integrated amplifier that does not have digital input.
Can I use WDTV Live “av out” with a P2-RCA cable and plug RCA into amp only for stereo audio 2ch ?
I´ll use HDMI to TV too.

P2 RCA audio

The AV Out is a composite port which can output sound to 2 CH Analog Stereo

You will need the correct terminal pole order as the 3.5MM Input Jack is designed for 4 Pins/Poles … Composite Video, Audio Left and Audio Right and Ground

You will need to use a cable with the correct pinout order

So, after all that is sorted …

I don’t know, or can’t remember if it work with HDMI connected as well … it could work, or it could be a case of one or the other. eg. Digital or Analog … not a mix

There’s a User Manual here … maybe that info is in it ?

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Thanks , @JoeySmyth
I have to use a P3 composite, yellow to TV and the others audio to amplifier, I think that it works

You will have to check the pinout diagram … because WD changed the order of the pins on their cable.

I remember years ago when i used to use WDTV’s … i had several 3.5MM to RCA leads, and only one of the worked with the WDTV.

You may be able to swap the plugs if the pole/pins are different … eg. Yellow might be Red on the cable you have when you plug it into the WDTV,

just a final thought …

i used to be an AV Installer and i did encounter some (not many) Integrated Amplifiers with an Optical Input (aka. TOSLINK) so, maybe that could be another option if yours does. (Optical will Pass-through 5.1 Channel Sound which is better the RCA 2CH Audio)


Yes, @JoeySmyth
this is the best solution.
the first option was a NAD C316bee but because the lack of optical input I’ve been thinking Cambridge CX A61
I don’t want AVR receivers multichannels anymore.

Thanks for attention,