WDTV Live - Audio stops every now and then

I recently picked up a WDTV Live and I’m having some issues with the audio. I have it running the HDMI cable directly to my TV, and the output set to stereo. While watching a video the sound will randomly cut out for a second, then start playing again, this happens every 10-20 minutes. I’ve updated the firmware to the latest version, tried playing MKV files and divx files, both from local drives (WD Passport drives), and streaming across the network from my pc, and the issue occurs across all of them.

Hi EnnZed,

I’m not sure what TV you’ve got but I’ve had a similar problem in the past.

Have a look at  http://community.wdc.com/t5/General-Discussions/Wdtv-Live-audio-blanks-when-connected-to-Panasonic-Viera-plasma/m-p/56776 for some suggestions and things to try.


Panasonic Viera 50in Plasma, so that link may be the solution, I’ll set it to 50Hz and see how it goes. Thanks.