WDTV Live and Pogoplug

Okay, so I’ve seen some people have success with a Pogoplug and some not so much. My setup is currently a 500GB USB external HDD hooked up to my Pogoplug Pro. My WDTV Live is hooked up to my TV via HDMI. My pogoplug shows in the WDTV as a Media server and will play most files that way. The .mkv format files it will not, but I have solved that by mounting the pogoplug drive on my PC as a share and then it shows up under my PCs name as a network share. So all file formats play fine that way. But here is my issue, The WDTV only lists the first 63 files on the pogoplug this way.Now if I go through the media server option all 142 movies I’ve stored on the external HDD show up, but here is my second issue. When playing videos through the Media server option it seems that the network connection times out or something after exactly 29 1/2 minutes. I can watch the same movie all the way through if i access the files through the network share from my PC but straight from the pogoplug the WDTV looses the connection. I was hoping that I could get some insight, I like the way things are set up but its difficult to watch movies when they stop every 30 mins, or if that movie happens to be beyond the first 63 files. Thanks for any help I appreciate it.

The Pogoplug Pro is not on the compatibility list for that device. That could be why you are haveing the issue. Here is a list of conmpatible device for the tv live.


This thread should be helpful  http://community.wdc.com/t5/Networking/Pogoplug/td-p/161228