WDTV Live alternative

Thanks for your answers guys.
For audio, I do not use the box at all.
All my lossless audio files are on a PC that is connected to a hi fi stereo amplifier.
I just need a player to watch a video from a PC, with sound through my Hi Fi stereo amplifier.
I don’t have a video library either. I just download the video to PС, then watch and delete it. With an internet speed of 200 mb / s, this is quite convenient.

No problem oldman777. Sounds like you have a ton of options.

The biggest problem my friend has with his Nvidia Shield is it dropping off his Network.

He has USB Hard drive attached to his Nvidia Shield and is able to access the contents of the Hard drive on other devices on his Local Network … but after a while the Nvidia Shield just randomly decides to drop off the Network and he can’t access the contents of the Hard drive.

I told him i do the same thing with the Raspberry Pi 3 running Kodi … and it NEVER drops off of the Network.

Tried a bunch of stuff recommended from the Nvidia Shield forums and none of the suggestions fixed the problem. He also has a problem where he can’t delete content from the Hard drive attached to the Nivida Shield … ie. He deletes a movie via the Network from the Hard drive … then when he goes back, the file magically re-appears.

I told him it’s most probably a “Permissions” thing … again, i couldn’t help because i can do it on the RPi3 with no issues whatsoever.

Hello guys,
I want a device like WD TV media player what is the best thing in Market right now ?
I have 24 TB of movies but some of the movies are WEB,DL - HEVC 265 - 1080 PI etc
and those movies cannot be played by WD TV so I have s Samsung 4k and it works and play
but I suffering because I cannot chose subtitles if I have more than one.
so currently, I want a device capable of playing WEB,DL - HEVC 265 - 1080 pi with also choosing subtitle with great interface of Mata media.

I, am really confusing what to buy right now.
please I need your support from you guys.

pretty much any media player on the market today will do what you want … your choice depends on your budget and how much you wanna spend $

just make sure it supports Kodi or a fork of it.

hi folks
I too dread the death of my WD TV and am trying to figure out what best
Have my videos in MKV and VOB format mostly VOB(all new stuff is MKV)
bottom line what device supports VOB. would like to use a pi if I can get something loaded on it that will support VOB

Raspberry Pi supports MKV and VOB … couple of caveats though

For VOB (which is typically what’s on a DVD) … the codec is MPEG-2 which requires a license for Hardware decoding on the Pi (only $1 or $2) but, a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ should be able to handle MPEG-2 via Software decoding. Best to spend the extra $2 for HW Decoding though.

Side Note: Same applies for VC-1 Codec (WMV) license is about $2

For MKV … Raspberry Pi will play H.264 (AVC) up to 1080p perfectly. (have been using it for years)
H.265 (HEVC) on RPi3 B+ with the Latest LibreELEC distro works pretty good with H.265 in my limited tests.

Thanks what kind of setup do you have

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with LibreELEC (Kodi) + Flirc Case (Best Case for Passive Cooling, no noisy fan) … Panasonic TV Remote Control Operates the device. (via HDMI CEC)

What I like about the WD LIVE players is you can put in a Flash USB Drive loaded with a few TV shows or movies and when powering-ON the WD LIVE it will auto load the media files found in the root of the USB drive and auto-play them on a loop. It’s perfect for my ship’s Entertainment Distribution system. It’s the ONLY player that I know that will allow this to happen. However, with h.265 becoming more prominent, I have to recode the h.265 files using my Tipard Ultimate converter back to h.264 just so that they will play on my WD LIVE player. Does anyone know of a media player that can do this functionality (auto start and auto play files on USB when powering on) loaded with x.265 MP4/MKV codec files??

Any media player that runs Kodi (which is hundreds) can do it … via Video Playlists

examples setup on the Raspberry Pi :


Raspberry Pi 3 can playback H.265 without any problems (using the latest distro LibreELEC)