Wdtv/Linux mint and external hd


First post here so apologies if its a bit dumb. I’ve got my USB 500gb hd plugged into the wdtv live. Is there software for Linux available that allows me to see the hard drive on Linux mint.

Proper struggled with this so far.


Yes.  The SMP units can run a Samba (SMB/CIFS) server.  See p. 31 of the manual (make certain that Network Share Server is set to On in the settings).  There are a number of ways to access SMB shares from Linux:  smbclient, most of the file browsers, mounting a share, linneighborhood, and so forth.  Best approach depends on what you are trying to do with the share files, which you did not say.  I would suggest you search the Mint forums for how to access Samba and smb shares.  Should be lots of posts ( easily found some).  If you want to post info about what you are trying to do, then perhaps I could suggest best access methods.

Really helpful thanks. Will see if I can get it showing and will update shortly. Thanks again.


To move on, heres what I am trying to do. I have Linux Mint on my main PC upstairs. I have WDTV Live plugged into my tv in the lounge. I plugged my ext HD into the back of the WDTV.

All I want to do is to be able to view the ext HD on Linux Mint so I can swap/delete/organise files. I currently cant find a way of doing it.

I am no expert in the command line so hoping theres a program that can do it?

Thanks again for your help.


If you use Nautilus as your file browser in Mint, you can access a share with a URL such as:




Leave off the share_name and you should see a list of all the shares on the server.

I think that Nautilus also has a way to “browse your network” and see all servers/shares, but haven’t used Nautilus in a long time.  Google is your friend, though.  Try searching for something like:  nautilus browse smb shares.

I personally prefer using ip addresses, but then you need to set your WD TV SMP box to have a static IP address, so it is unchanging.  If you want to use the server name, you will have to find out what the WD boxes set their default names to, as I don’t remember (the manual probably tells).

Thanks for your help, all done!