Wdtv Hub + My Book 3TB.... Folders On External Hd Not Showing Up

Currently using the live hub with a my book 3tb harddrive. first i had the hd hooked into my laptop and i created some folders like tv…music…etc, and transferred media into each of the folders. They show up fine in the harddrive when connected to my computer. When i moved the drive to the live hub unit and select the content source, it shows my 3tb external. When i click on it, i keep getting an error msg saying “there is no media in the current folder”, when infact i know there is. firmware is 3.01.19. Any suggestions…thanks in advance.

I did the reverse,

Hooked up to the WD hub.

Put a file on it to make sure it works and plays.

Then moved it to the desktop to put more files on it.

You may try that.

I use a 500gb My Book Essential to sneaker net my movies to the Hub.  It’s faster than WiFi from my laptop.  I noticed that the Hub did install a small folder structrure on it.  That may have something to do with it.