WDTV Hub as a DMS

Hey all,

this is a tough one.

I just got the Acer Iconia Tablet.  On it, comes a software called clear.fi which allows it to connect to a media server and play media. 

I also have a WDTV Live downstairs and one thing I noticed was that I was seeing two Hubs. At the time I didn’t think much of it and just selected the one or the other.  HOwever, with the Iconia, it doesn’t see the Hub as a DMS, instead it sees it as some other type of device, now for a moment, the Hub was viewed as a server!  and I was able to connect and get files,  however i  had to reboot my hub and then it was back to just the one icon on the network.

so my question is this…how do I or is there a way to change the way the Hub puts itself on the network?  like an option to “share” my media on the network (specifically a setting that does that?)

I 'm thinking this is a Hub issue because I have no problems connecting to a regular media server just the Hub :frowning: help would be greatly apprcieated)

Yes, to ENABLE the DLNA DMS function of the Hub, you go to SETUP / NETWORK SETTINGS / DLNA MEDIA SERVER

Set it to ON.

You may need to further configure Twonky (the DMS) by accessing the configuration page at:

http://[ip address of your hub]:9000

cool i’ll give it a try.

I’m pretty sure I had the other setting on all t he time, though I can’t say for sure, but I’m about 99% sure.

I just learned of Twonky last night before I posted this.  any ideas on what specifically to look at in Twonky?