Wdtv HD live

1.06.43 does this new firmware or any firmware support hdd enclosures.
such as a media sonic probox with 2x4tbs hdds
I can plug in any 4 tb external hdd and it shows up and plays well but the enclosure does nothing.
Im pretty upset that it is not showing up it took days to transfer everything and now i can’t really use it

Does the MediaSonic enclosure work when you connect it to a computer over USB? Also, make sure that the Enclosure is set to USB and not to ESATA.


The enclosure probably contains a hub, which is not supported

Cocovanna wrote:
The enclosure probably contains a hub, which is not supported

I think you are basically correct Cocovanna. I have one of these boxes, and it does not do anything to span the SATA drives in the enclosure. It just presents them as individual drives. I have not attached mine to and of my WD devices, just a computer instead so I could run software based spanning / redundancy on it. 

Also for the OP, since you already own the enclosure and now realize that you need to hook it to a computer, you will get a lot better performance with it using the ESATA port instead of USB.  The port on your computer will need to have FIS based switching on your port multiplier to access all the drives in the bay at the same time.

Good Luck