WDTV gets "invalid user or password" connecting to MBL

After the summer holidays I have tried several times to use my WD TV Live streaming to watch videos stored in my WD My Book Live 3Tb, but it did not work.

On the WD TV I get the "invalid user or password"message, when I select the MBL as the source of contents in the network devices list . I tried with different users, such as “guest” with blank password, the administrator user and another user I created specifically, but all with no success.

The funny thing is not only that these same users did work like a charm before holidays, but also that they do work accessing the MBL from either of the two Mac computers connected to my home router.

Of course, if I try to connect the WD TV Live to the MBL media server in order to avoid the problem, it would not work either, for no apparent reason. Here again, I have a Plex media server running on a Mac Mini and this one does work beautifully with the WD TV Live.

I am most puzzled, so any suggestions to solve the problem will be greatly appreciated.

Hi, try resetting the WD TV by pressing the reset button on the unit.

I just tried and still the same problem. Thanks for the tip anyway, lluna. I am think about resetting the WD TV to factory default and update again, and if this still does not work, then do the same with the MBL. I think the problem is in the WD TV but who knows, it could be the MBL.

I managed to fix the problem at last by resetting the WDTV as you indicated, and also the MyBookLive. Still not sure whether it was the WDTV or the MBL that caused the miscommunication, but happy because the two work together just fine now.