WDTV crashes about every 30-40 minutes

my WDTV live player is crashing about every 30-40 minutes while using it with slingplayer and mlb.tv - its not my internet-connection what makes this problem - when using slingplayer and mlb.tv via pc there isnt such a problem - but with the WDTV it is…and it **bleep** big - what can i do??  can i change anything so it works over the 30-40minutes?? because i think there is a bug because its sometimes on the second that it crashes

ou tried factory resests or rollbacks like in the issues page? I think you’re having a bad WDTV.

the same happens with my WD. Sometimes the game freeze and I have to turn off the equipment. the other day i don’t get the audio for the game. 

I dont know why they don’t fix this bug with MLB.tv