WDTV bluRay ISO playback

I’ve had my WDTV for nearly a year (I’m sure there is a firmware update due) but find that ripped bluray ISO file playback to be very problematic. Old films seem to play back fine, but most new films either wont play correctly at all, or run for a minute and revert to a soundless, slow motion, jerky playback. I’m feeling it revolves around the audio codec, in that when most of these files start, my Yamaha RX-V2700 displays the audio codec version (EG DTS, DolbyDigital) and all is OK, but the problem begins when the audio recognition is lost. Some films seem to play for 5 minutes before this happens.

 I have also found that those BluRay files that do play, there is a noticeable jerkiness, particularly apparent in slow panning shots. This is reminiscent of old pirate copies of NTSC video and the 4:3 drop down problem (being in Australia and using PAL, 25/50Hz). I now set the output to 1080P 60hz and this seems to cure that problem (so is it NTSC related in someway??)

in either BluRay or standard DVD, ISO file playback will only show the main film and none of the extras… Or does anyone know different?

ISO isn’t supported so I guess we’re lucky that they even play at all??? So the answer is no, you don’t get any of the extras, you only get the largest ‘file’ in the iso.

It sounds like maybe it’s a problem with heat. Let me cut to the chase and be as helpful as WD tech support. If you could put this thing in the freezer while you’re playing your bluray ISO and see if you have the problem, that would be great. Or, you could try to point a fan right at the device while playing a bluray ISO and see if you can get more time out of it, then that might be an indication that there’s a problem with heat as well.

If you’ve been playing a bluray ISO until you run into this problem, then start the bluray ISO over again, does the problem start right away or does it take about the same amount of time into the movie to run into the problem again? Also, what if you were to totaly reset the box between the two plays?