WDTV and Netgear NAS not in synch headache - - help please

Hi, I’m new to the forum and have a problem that’s driving me a bit nuts.
I am using a WDTV Live on my home network which wirelessly plays movies from a Netgear ReadyNas.
I have 2 problems:
1 - A number of movies show up as 100’s or 1000’s of files instead of a single movie and even after deleting them from the NAS they still exist making navigating a nightmare (30,000 files in a folder…)
2 - So I deleted them and they don’t exist on the NAS, even when I log in to the NAS on the browser app but the WDTV isn’t refreshing what it sees on the NAS and they’re still there. I can’t successfully get the WDTV to rescan the NAS - where is this hidden?

There’s actually a 3rd issue as a consequence of this. To try and fix it I made new folders on my NAS, shifted the video files and deleted the old folders. It worked for most but not all of the folders, so now soem of my content is invisible on my WDTV but looks perfect on my NAS on the network etc.

So, to cut a long story short … how do I force my WDTV to completely rescan the NAS it is reading movies from … please.

Are you connecting via Network Shares or Media Server?
Are you using Media Library?

Hi, thanks for your reply. In the WD menu I connect to the NAS by Videos // Media Server

You can unplug the WDTV and see if it is better after you plug it back in and restart it. If it isn’t, then rescan (or possibly rebuild) the NAS database.

Thanks, I’ve tried rebooting and pulling the plug but it doesn’t help. The NAS directory looks perfectly correct when I connect my laptop to it over the network and when I navigate to it using the NAS ReadyCloud web login.

Is there a simple way to force the WDTV to rescan from scratch as if it’s a first time connection? I am struggling to find it.

The WD has nothing to do with it, I’m afraid. Since you’re using media server, the WD is only displaying what your synology is telling it to.

Thanks, what do you suggest as a remedy? The NAS has rescanned and only presents itself unusually via the WDTV. Should I connect to it as a media Share - have I connected incorrectly?

It works like a charm by using network shares, especially NFS ones but it doesn’t matter.
Forget about library.

Most of the time I use media share.
In case of issue, use network shares.
Well it is less beautiful than media share, but it works.

Thanks, yes you’re dead right. I had assumed Media Library was what to use but network Share has been working perfectly now ever since I changed it. Thanks for the advice.

Your Netgear ReadyNAS may not have a built in Media Server like WD ones have the Twonky server (so media server part of WDTV would not work), and it may just be a Network Shared device, and is why that only works. It sounds like this is a limitation of the ReadyNAS and not that the WDTV is the issue.