WDSync update


I’m owner of couple HD (my book, my passport, my book world edition, etc) and was very happy until few days ago…

Couple days ago when I started the WDSync I received a message that there is an updated version of your software. I clicked to update and after the update was completed I was surprised that it was a new software from a company named Dmailer, and with that a lot of headache…

This new software has an online service that keeps poping up to sign in (even if you decline or mark that you dont want). And the worst part is that this software does not support outlook public files.

Here in my company we use public files a lot and I just lost this functionality. I wrote an e-mail to Dmailer and they replyed: “…Unfortunatly, the latest version, is not design to support public folders…” and further, after pushing more they said: “…could you use the previous version of the software, we contacted our R&D team to have it implemented in the upcoming version, in a few month time. We will inform you as soons as it is implemented…”

I’d be very happy to use the previous version, but when they updated the software, the good old one was deleted (I checked the bin as well, nothing).

To solve my problem I had to ask a copy of the good old software and, of course, I had to configure the backup all over again because the good old software does not recognize the Dmailer.

So think many times before you update your WDSync.



I think your post brings up an important issue when it comes to doing software and firmware updates: People should try to review the release notes to make sure that an update will provide them a necessary or desired benefit before doing it.  I’ll definitely be paying attention.

Most people just look for updates without even cheking if it will be good for them… I always suggest not to perform any aupdates on drives and software if your unit WORKS!

WDSync is not backup software. Remove the word from your vocabulary when referring to WDSync. When you sync something you are overwriting and essentially wiping out the previous files(either on the drive or the intended destination). Do it on accident and you are up a creek. It’s secure portable software intended for the mobility of a desktop, and if you use more than one version you will no longer be able to access the previous profile. I think you can register your product with WD and have access to a previous version although there are no gaurantees it will be the version you were working with prior.


I just sign in since I am having major problem. I had a big headache after installing DMAILER. Now there is no WD SYNC that I can run. So all my old profiles are there in the WD HD but can’t be opened.

DMAILER is doing the sync but  I am not sure whether my notebook data is copied or not into the WD drive using DMAILER. It seems only the Outlook files.  I can’t check what happen to verify all the files.

If I want to reinstall WD SYNC it give me error since it can’t allocate WDSYNC on WD Drive.

Now I am very worried if something happen to my notebook.


I am in the same boat now too

[text deleted - keep it courteous please]  it - I have clicked yes to upgrade twice before, both times a newer version of WDSync was downloaded …

THIS time, the stinking dmailer that REMOVED ALL THE GOOD previous WD applications …

the dmailer hangs every time I put in my password, never to go any further :frowning:

is my WD harddrive useless now???

How do I back up my laptop … SO MAD

anyone figure out how to solve this???