WDSync - Don't save files locally

I’m using mycloud to share files between co-workers. I’d like to set it up in a way that the files can be shared using WDsync but are not save locally on each computer to save disk space. Is that possible?

You can map a drive to multiple PC’s. This should work for what you want to do as long as the files are only being read. If people can make changes to a file. You run into the problem of two people trying to modify the file at the same time. The last person to save the file will over write any other changes.

Just to clarify what WD Sync is/does. When one “syncs” a file from their computer to an NAS they are copying that file to the NAS so both locations have the same file. Sounds like WD Sync is not what you need since you are looking for a central repository of files that everyone would access.

It sounds like what you need is some sort of content management system (CMS) that keeps track of open files and prevents someone else from modifying that file while it’s open. Currently the single bay/single drive My Cloud units (the general subject of this subforum) do not have an CMS capability within it’s firmware. Instead you would have to rely on the software used to edit/open the file on each computer to keep track of changes and prevent others from using/editing the file when in use and when stored on a NAS drive like the My Cloud.

ok, thanks for your answers. I’m just wondering, because this would mean that if you fill a 16TB MyCloud and sync it using WD Sync you’d need 16TB of space on your computer. Is that correct?

Generally one syncs (using WD Sync) folders on their computer to a single Share on the My Cloud. Unless you manually configure WD Sync to do so, it will not sync the entire contents of the My Cloud to the local computer.

What ever files you move/copy outside of WD Sync to the Share that is being monitored, on the My Cloud, by WD Sync will be/should be synced to the computer.