WDSync Bug? - syncs to wrong share when changing users

I think this behavior needs to be changed.  My observation:

Logged in as USER1 on WDMyCloudDL4100

WD FORCES a share “My Cloud” to “WD Sync” (WD Sync is located under USER1 Home Share)

Then Remove Device

Then when adding the device, you are by DEFAULT signed in as USER1 and see the WDMyCloudDL4100 available

But I am need to be USER2.

So I “Sign Out” and then enter the credentials for USER2.

I see the WDMyCloudDL4100 device.

At this point… the default “My Cloud” share is based on USER1.  And since WD prohibits us from Changing this default share… I fear that it may result in some unwanted outcomes!

As an aside… I THINK this lets USER2 see USER1’s files, even if he does not have permissions to do so.  in other words, it violates the shares security settings.  Someone would have to test that theory though…

This is not really something that should be voted.  It should just be fixed.  I think it is a security flaw.