WDsync and other directories strange behavior

I am trying to use the mycloud and wdmysync to keep some directories on two laptops synced and a copy on the mycloud.

when I installed on the laptops the I selected pictures as one of the directories and everything seems to work fine on that (so far).

I then used the settings to add a directory from laptop 2 to the sync with a corresponding directory in mycloud nas.

It uploaded as expected.
but When I did the same with laptop 2 it has created copies of the files on laptop 1 with the addition of a date code in the name. Since the two folders were nearly synced when I started, I now have 150,000 duplicate files on laptop 1, and laptop 2…e.g. there are now two copies of every file on each computer…

windows7 pro, and I have the same user on both computers.

It did not do this with the picture directory… Is that coming next???

I suspect this is something to do with libraries and window7 but it is basically a CF.

I was so elated to see this functionality added to mycloud, but it really is ready for prime time. Does someone have a suggestion for alternatives… right now I am going kill the syncing and start over

Hi, I have never used WD Sync and have no pointers, however there has being a few users in the past that have used different software to perform the sync using the My Cloud.

I tried again… with completely new directories

laptop 1 put test files in a new directory.
synced with my cloud…
files moved to mycloud directory selected
went to laptop 2 created a new directory and synced with the test directory on mycloud
all the files copied from mycloud to laptop 2…

so good so far

went to laptop 2, added new file into test directory and edited an existing file.
both files updated in mycloud test directory.

everything good…BUT
laptop 1 shows up to date with mycloud, but the new file and edited file are not transferred into the test directory.

no syncing back from mycloud to laptop1 of files that were updated or added on laptop2 despite the fact they are on mycloud.

I reset my computer and waited a day as it is not clear when wdsync checks mycloud to see if the directory is still in sync.

I have not found any setting to modify this behavior… anyone ???


I spent a month trying to get WDSync to function properly.
I have a huge number of e-mails with support. I spent hours on the phone.
I had two different people on multiple occasions log on to my computer and run things.
First it wouldn’t sync from computer to mycloud. Hang up part way through and stop all together.
Finally got it running after a firmware update.
When I finally had everything sync’d, discovered some files didn’t sync. Support finally threw up there hands and said no clue.
Trying to sync data to Mycloud and across to second computer (and visa versa) unreliable.

Finally junked WDSync and went with GoodSync (base on a recommendation on a blog).
GoodSync will run regular backups and real time sync. REPORTS conflicts or problem files.

Can you confirm running goodsync on a recent myCloud?

Just got our first MyCloud (ex4100) followed the goodsync instructions at
suggested above. The install errors some cryptic errors and then
Goodsync doesn’t appear to be working (doesn’t show up from other
goodsync PC like it should, can’t log into goodsync at port 11000 etc).
Worse yet, upon rebooting the ex4100, the downloaded file and most of
the files added during the goodsync install are all mysteriously
missing! Is there some pre/post step needed to tell the mycloud to
keep changes?

I’m running Goodsync on the PCs and updating to and from the NAS. Some folders/files are synced from the main PC to the NAS only. Other folders/files are synced up to the NAS to and from multiple PCs.
I’ve never looked at running the server version.