WD's relationship with OEMs?

Hello, we have this NetGear ReadyNAS 2100 and the service has been awful.   Already 2  WD RE4-GP 2 TB drives failed SmartTest (is that what it’s called?) and I sent them in to WD, and they sent replacements.    Now netgear is saying one of the drives WD just sent me is bad.    I’m not so sure.   I think the enclosure is bad.    Is there a way I can check the drive?

Hi well its different to see someone working on a nas and does not know what smart data is or how to test a hard drive. Get a trial copy of hd tune and check the smart data on the drive and run a test on it. Or you can use the WD tools  you can download it here   http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=615&lang=en

well I just found out, we bought it as an integrated solution.   Netgear is responsible for the RMA of the drive.    which means they screwed up.   I don’t have to deal with it.     But thanks. 

But this is what I have to say about WD in this particular case:    I RMA’s 2 drives which both failed the SmartCheck or SmartTest or whatever it is.    They made my company pay for it.   I’m not going to put my personal credit card on it just to have them advance me a drive when it is under warranty.    That seems bogus.   One of the 2 replacement drives was also bad.    So that seems like pretty bad odds.    Pretty bad quality. 

Hi well I don’t know where you live, but where I am nothing is as good anymore and Im pretty sure it covers the world not only us. Im glad i am old wont have to put up with it much longer. I say bring back the 70’s LOL