Wdplayer gen2 not the play model

hi i have 2 wd media players gen 2 and both have failed  in 2 days of one another on boot up -using 3 diff televisions 3 diff hdmi cables and all the hdmi combinations on the tvs -1 particular box was working ok on 47 inch lg until  i swapped it to the 24 inch lg -on returning it via the original psu-hdmi-cable no boot -only tried because other box had failed on boot to 24inch lg -tried several different power downs etc -however when i tried the o/p via the rca connections to scart both units boot and recognise passport hd ok on a 42 pana -but not via the hdmi connections on panasonic- any suggestions -


Have you tried adjusting the resolution and color depth after resetting the devices and changing the HDMI cables?