WDMyCloudEX4 explorer view while on WD My Cloud

Is there a way to get explorer view rather than the “software window view” in Windows while not connected to the CloudEX4 on the same network.

I would like to work from home same way as in a company but in company I have mapped drives which, of course, does not work when on home network.

For example when I want to add several files from MyCloud to e-mail attachment it would work faster with explorer window rather then copying files 1by1 to desktop and then adding it to attachment.

Kind Regards and Thanks for help,


The view option for remote access provided by Western Digital is the My Cloud website. Let’s see if an experienced user uses a different protocol or third party application to have the shared folders mapped in Windows explorer through a remote connection.

hi my ex4 is visable but unable to view fille to play they just download to pc any advice regards