WDMyCloud Windows defragmenting/or reset to ext4 file format?


I am asking for some help.
My question is, should I reformat my NAS entirely and select ext4 file format to avoid fragmented data and saving some storage, performance ?

I have a WDMyCloud 3To (2015) that I use as backup for all my data. I have read on the internet that a NAS cannot be defragmented by the main computer on the network. It could be defragmented by the OS on the NAS if this feature is available, or by disconnecting the hard drive then putting it directly on a computer to operate a defragmenting process.
My WdMyCloud don’t own this feature, and I am not keen on transferring its HD into my computer and risk breaking the device during this process.
I have read on the Internet that with ext4 format, defragmenting a Hard drive is unnecessary.

On my Windows 10 computer, when I right-click on the icon of the NAS to find the properties, I notice the NAS storage format is NTFS.
Some folders take much more storage on the NAS than their real capacity on my computer. I want to fix this issue.

So I’m asking for some help, some advice from the community with that topic.

PS : Sorry for my bad english.

Wherever you are, have a nice day ! :blush:

Hi @Masterax,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hello Keerti_01,

Thanks for your answer. I am going to contact the WD technical Support Team like you said.

Have a nice day !