WDMYCloud waking from hibernation with no apparent reason

Hi. With some people’s help I suceeded on making MyCloud hibernate, and the led is blinking. It is also configured to update firmware at 4 am But sometimes even duting the day the led stops blinking becomening fix, even when all the PCs in the internal network are off, meaning apparently there is not activity forcing MyCloud to wake up. Later on, the led goes back blinking again. Is there a logical explanation for this? Thanks

If you look at the crontab you will see that there are a few times during the day that the My Cloud will wake up. On firmware previous to 308 the device would sleep up to 23 hours. It would only wake up at 3:00AM to do house keeping. I don’t think you are using the hiebernate term correctly.
When the blue light is blinking the disk is in standby mode. The My Cloud is still running.


You are right, I was using to wrong term. I always meant sleeping, when the led is blinking and the disk is not runnning.
But what do you mean before firmware 308? My version is v04.04.01-112. The strange thing is, My Cloud device wakes up even when there should be no activity on the internal network. Is there, besides update checking, any outside activity which might trigger MyCloud waking up? Again, and as I wrote, all local computers are in hibernation and yet it wakes up.

The device wakes up every 8 hours to rotate the atop logs. There are other things that run during a 24 hours period. It has nothing to do with what is running on the network. Now add network activity and you get other times the disk wakes up.


Thanks for all the info. You mentioned crontab. I saw it mentioned in some messages on this community. But how can I access it to read it?

You would have to ssh into the My Cloud. But you would have trouble trying to understand the format of the crontab file.


If you aren’t familiar with linux and would like to learn how crontab works, I would suggest not deleting any crontab files and always comment out lines instead of deleting them if you do decide to modify these files.

Thanks. But all this is because I have the feeling that my MY Cloud device now sleeps a lot less that 2 or 3 weeks ago

I think I found the solution. I restarted the device, inserted the two commands mentioned at the beginning of this thread, and now it seems everything is back to “normal”, i.e. WD My Cloud is behaving like before, sleeping often and for long times.,