WDMyCloud troubleshooting

My WD MyCloud suddenly stopped working after a few years.

  1. It returns “pings”
  2. Does not allow web login (Connection refused)
  3. Does not allow SSH access Connection refused)
  4. Does not respond to SMB/AFP connections

The front led is flashing yellow, but I know it’s not a network issue since it does return pings (turning off the drive and the pings stop, so I am certain I am pinging the right device).

I tried to use WD access to help, but it shows the below screen.

Any way to access it or save the data ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi ronimosh,

You should run 4 second reset and initialize the network settings in My Cloud to establish connection with My Cloud server.
Which router are you using with My Cloud? There is some known issue that AT&T Uverse, Pace, Arris, Ubee, and Sonic Gateway routers fail to provide a local IP Address to the single-bay My Cloud device. You should have a look in this article: