WDMyCloud only connects to a Windows 10 network as a Media Server

I cannot access WDMyCloud via File Explorer except as a media server. It will not connect as a Storage Server

What troubleshooting steps have you performed? Can you access the My Cloud using it’s IP address? Have you disabled any third party firewall software and test to see if it can be reached? Does the My Cloud have a static or assigned IP address? Is the My Cloud using the same workgroup name as the computer? Is the My Cloud in the same IP address subnet range as the computer?

If you haven’t already you may want to read through the following post up to Windows 10 Specific Method 5 and ensure various options like NetBIOS over TCP/IP and others are enabled.


It turns out that I can access the MyCloud via its ip address. For some reason, my router won’t accept the full MAC address of the device in order to give it a static ip address, but, since it is never disconnected, and it presently has the first address shown in the mask, one can hope that this will not change. If it does, then I know how to find the then current address and can make the change in the mapped drive definition.
Thank you very much

Most routers will have a list of connected devices with their assigned IP addresses somewhere.

If not , there are apps out there that will scan your LAN and display a list of connected devices with their assigned IP address.

Not mine. As far as I know, a My Cloud is both a media server and a samba share. All my devices that can access the MC eiter way can do so (e.g. WDTV, cFireTVstick running Kodi media player,) and my Win 7 can access it through Win FE. You access the share through FE in Network section, and you access media server through Computer in FE.

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help, i could not connect to mycloud at all
it says that unable to contact this device on my iphone