WDMyCloud on LG TV Folders

Hi i bought a WDMyCloud device to put movies on. I use my mac to load movies on it. The issue i have is when i view the WDMyCloud device on my MAC is see everything the way i wont it. Just the things i want to see. I keep my movies just loose not in folders so thats all you would see. I have deleted the folders that came on the drive so its blank. When i hook the drive up to my tv now there is a bunch of folder that you have to go throught to get to the movies. A Video folder with subs Like by date, by year and so on. It will also rename files that arent named what i named them. Like  Star.Wars.1978 to Star Wars HD DST X264  or something. Movies play fine so no issue there. Can someone tell me how to get all those folders and stuff gone. WD says its my TV, LG says its WD. I thinks its the hidden stuff on the WD that puts the stuff in groups, like pictures, videos and music. Dont want any of that just blank.

You are seeing the metadata views presented by the DLNA Media server (your TV is a DLNA Media Client). You are not seeing the raw file system.

This FAQ might help explain how to get the Twonky DLNA media server in the MyCloud to do what you want. You may also want to read up about media file metadata.

Also look at this thread from earlier today

I have deleted the folders that came on the drive so its blank

I would suggest you create at least one folder/share.  Call it ‘Movies’. That will make it easier to tell Twonky where to look for your movies. The FAQ discusses where to put your media for Twonky to find it (which is anywhere, provided you tell it where to look…)