WDMyCloud inacessible through browser or explorer

Hi Everyone,

I have an issue where I am no longer able to access the MyCloud unit either through explorer or through a browser using the wdmycloud name or the IP address. I have done the 40 second reset and while that does give me access through a browser for a while, but it is difficult to get to the dashboard through set up as it keeps logging me out before I can enter my registration details, but eventually I am able to get in. I try then to do the firmware update, even though it is past the .166 which is needed for OS5 and then when I click on Install and Reboot, nothing happens and then eventually, it just will not respond. I can ping it, but nothing else.

Any ideas?



Hi @ayoward,

We will highly suggest you try and eliminate anything of that sorts just to see if your issue will still remain. Please go ahead and connect everything directly into your network line. In addition to that, for troubleshooting purposes also try changing ethernet cables and also ports on our router and try accessing the dashboard.

??? I think you might have responded to the wrong post???