WDMyCloud folder is empty

I have just purchased and set up a WD MyCloud device. Everything seems fine except for one thing. Let me start by stating that I have configured the device for LOCAL ACCESS ONLY. I do not want to access it via MyCloud.com, only on my local home network. So I did NOT set up a Cloud account, and when I configured the settings, I turned off the Cloud Access settings.
After setting it up and creating a private share for myself (may create more for various family members), I can look in Windows File Explorer (Win 10) and I see under Network>WDMYCLOUD> MyPrivate, and TimeMachineBackup, and Smartware, and Public shares. And they are accessible and I mapped my private share to a network drive letter without any difficulty. However, also under Windows File Explorer, I see under ThisPC> a list of all the root(?) folders on my PC including Desktop, Music, etc. and also a WDMyCloud folder which is empty. I cannot drag and drop a file into that folder. It’s a little confusing to me because I also have a MyBookLive device and it has a similar folder in this same list of folders under ThisPC> but it contains all the shares. So for the moment, I am thinking that this empty WDMyCloud folder that won’t let me drop a file into it, is a CLOUD folder which I have disabled in setup. And the difference between the way this works and the way my WDMyBookLive works is just THAT: They are different devices and they work differently. But then again, maybe there is something I don’t know here, have set up something incorrectly and the folder should and will be accessible if I correct my mistake. Help me out. Thanks

In Windows File Explorer, does the My Cloud “folder” or icon that you are having trouble with look like this?


If so you are seeing the DLNA (Twonky) Media Server of the My Cloud. It is for playing supported media files, with a DLNA media client, that you’ve copied over to the My Cloud. You should see a different My Cloud icon, if you haven’t mapped the My Cloud in Windows File Explorer, that you can open up and copy files into to.

As always it helps to read the My Cloud User Manual (https://support.wdc.com/product.aspx?ID=904) if one hasn’t done so already. The User Manual explains the various features/options of the My Cloud and how to use them.