WDMyCloud 4TB Very slow transfer speed

I just purchased a 4 TB MyCloud.  I turned off RAID and disabled the Cloud software.  It’s plugged into a Dell 2848 gigabit switch.

The LEDs on both the MyCloud and the switch are green indicating gigabit throughput, yet the drive is so slow that my users are refusing to copy their files onto it.

Any suggestions?

The obvious questions for me are where are your users i.e. on your local network  or  on the Internet?

Have you tried transfering data to the MyCloud on your local network and what speed are you getting ?

If you get reasonable local transfer speed and they are on the internet the problem is likely their end.

Finally what kind of files/how big are they,lots of small ones take longer than bigger ones.

If people are expecting files to transfer as quickly as a locally connected USB 3 HDD they will be disappointed.

Thanks for responding.

 My users are all on the local network.  There are no USB connections involved - this is all ethernet  I didn’t measure the speed yet, but when they import  an image into Excel from the NAS drive, it can take upwards of 5 minutes, whereas if they import the same image from a server, it’s loads in under 10 seconds.