Wdmcserver & wdphotomerge issue finally resolved?

Has anyone noticed that these two processes are no longer running all the time consuming a lot of CPU?
Can anyone confirm that issue has been finally fixed then? Or is it just me?




I haven’t seen any post confirming this. Let’s see if any of the users can share some information about it.

I am having a similar issue. The CPU and RAM on high utilisation. 5-6 Instances of HTTPD. Having his issue last 2 days.

First couple of days i dint observed this issue after firmware update. Had issues with Mac os Sierra + Time machine so reinstalled El Capitan (from scratch) to resolve Mac issue. Time machine working fine. How ever i started to notice NAS HDD lights flickered continuously. No network activity but CPU and Memory on high utilisation. Could not located any specific issue even after turning off some apps and services on NAS.

Worried HDDs may fails with so much activity will lose all data.