WDMBL & LG TV Video Stream Buffering

I have all my video files stored on my WDMBL. This is connected to a virgin super hub 2 router via a gigabit switch. My LG TV is also connected to my superhub 2 directly. Now when using the LG smartshare function, which basically finds my WDMBL, I locate my video files and when I play one of them i suffer with terrible buffering. I do have a gigabit connection as all the device Status Leds are indicating this. The interesting thing is that I can remote access my video files on my iphone and stream them perfectly which lead me to think it was the LG tv but I also subscribe to netflix and have been streaming 4K content to it. Any Ideas peeps and how I can narrow the fault down or what could be causing it

Connect the TV to the switch too, sounds like the uplink from switch to the router is involved here.

I think I have tried this of sorts, as I connected both the TV and WDMBL both direct to the Virgin router therefore removing the effect of switch.

I would do it other way round, connect both to the switch, not to the router - switches are mostly nuch faster in transfering packets from one internal port to another as routers are.

I tried this over the weekend, connecting both the tv and the WDMBL drive to same switch and I am still suffering from buffering. There did not seem any improvement. Thanks for the idea it was worth a shot