[WDMB1TB] Unable to create private folder

Hi there.

I`m running Win7

Problem : when I`m creating user with his folder and then trying to open that folder with given user name and password, it’s brings me the error message, like below:


 * it’s russin language, btw.

" If shortly, the error is: No access to \MyBookWorld\mosg. Probably, you don’t have permissions to share. Contact you administrator. 


Multiply connections to the server or share with more then one user are not allowed! "

How to fix this? I set the latest update for the box.


Hi there!

It tends to happen… What if you disconnect all public folders before you access the private one?

Hi. Thanks for the reply.

I don’t have any public shares created by me, only default WDMB public shares. Here is the example:


As you can see, I can’t delete them. Is this what you are asking about?

From  http://wdc.custhelp.com/ there is no help too… :cry: