WDLS become hot when i used 2 hour

I Just bought a WD LIve Streaming Media Player…
But, why in the use of less than 2 hours to heat
I was so scared for a long time use

What should I do
Need information

You could use a Laptop Cooler Pad


or go to extremes (as user FlexTech did … “fan mod”)

(pictures at bottom of page)


My older Live Plus gets good and warm, but not “hot” like lots of SMP owners say their does.   Nevertheless. I don’t like hot electronic equipment either.  So, the first word of caution to anyone who has an electonic box that gets real hot; don’t put it on top of unprotected furniture where it can damage the furniture. 

I had a 1st gen Roku box that got too hot in my opinion.  So, I raised it above the furniture it was on a little more by putting it on top of a small wooden picture frame (with glass removed) that gave the box extra clearance.  Sometimes the little rubber feet on a unit don’t add enough clearance. (You did stick them on the bottom of your SMP if they were not on already, didn’t you?)  The picture frame solution adds an air gap under the player to assist it venting and keeps the heat off the furniture. 

Another idea would be to place the unit on a small metal box (like an empty Altoids box) that could act as a heat sink and provide an air gap underneath as well.  (Put small furniture pads under the bottom of the Altoids box, too.)

Whatever you do, don’t keep any “too hot” of an electronic box sitting on your good furniture!  Isolate the box from the furniture.

Thanks for respon…