Wdlive video output


I just bought my WDLIVE. My setup is a Denon AV unit and Hitachi Plasma with DVI-D input.When i connect my WD to the av unit thro HDMI and play  movie file with 1080i resolution the AV unit reports only 480P inuput , i tried changing the setup in WD to auto for HDMI resolution tried to force it to 720 also but the AV unit shows only 480p. However my SATCABLE when connected to AV unit it shows 1080i input.Is there anything i have missed in the WD setup.Can somebody help.

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If changing from “Auto” to 1080i in the Video/Audio settings doesn’t work for you then the problem is most likely your HDMI cable – you really need a quality 1.4 certified cable when you have issues like this (it doesn’t matter if other devices work with the cable you have or not – the Live needs that better cable when it doesn’t work otherwise).

Similar problem. I have an older 720p LCD, and can only get 480p over HDMI. Looks awful.  It has a DVI input, not HDMI, and I thought it might be an adapter.  So I tried a high quality HDMI to DVI cable, no difference.  A Bluray player outputs 720p just fine, even though there is a switchbox in its path.  Setting the output to 720p does not seem to “force” 720p output.  It appears that HDMI on the WDTV is checking something and won’t output what it says it is, and doesn’t give an error.  720P over component looks fine on my older set, so I may be stuck with that.

Tried it on another flat screen and got 1080p on it, so it may be an EDID problem with my 720p set.  WD needs to allow “forced” hdmi output like a lot of other manufacturers do.