WDLive Book Duo and network problems


I have some bad experiences with my MBLD.

It’s connected on my box (French Orange Livebox FFTH).

First, my configuration

MBLD has a static IP address, DNS are configured with Orange DNS server.

Routing is configured manually with 8080 - 80, and 8443 443 value.

Same values are configured on my Orange Livebox.

I have two different problems :

I can access to MBLD thrue the internet by WD2go, but my home network seems to work bad (I can not access to internet web site doesn’t answer). I check what happen on my network (with wireshark) and I see that MBLD sends a lot of DHCP requests on my internal network. If I disconnect My MBLD, I can access to web site from my computer.

One other problems, like today : I can not access to my MBLD by WD2Go (from a computer or on my mobile) I get an error message or connection timeout. When I check the network in my home, in this case I don’t see any DHCP request.

I always have alternatively one of this two problems.

When I get this two problems, I can access to the MBLD in my home network from my computer copy files, and see video on my television with DLNA. I also configure backups, that’s work fine.

I’m sorry for my English mistakes :wink:

To complete my first post :

with my first problem : When I disconnect the MBLD from my home network, the internet connection come back immediatly. Also, when I get this type of problem my emails works fine, it’s something like only web site port is out of service.

I don’t do  any change on my MBLD (firmware is the official one), and firmware is the last version.

On your router’s DHCP server can you reserve an IP address for use with your MBLD and set the MBLD to get all of it’s IP settings from the router?

Yes I set the on my MLBD and set the same in my router to identify and reserve my MLDB on it

Does the live book need one other IP adress?

What I ean is to reserve the IP on the router and set the MBLD to DHCP and not Static.  I suspect there is still a small bug that bight linger where a static IP address is set on the MBLD but it still makes DHCP queries.  I discovered this when I set static IP parameters but after a while the MBLD lost the DNS IP addresses I set and took the DNS IP addresses as set in the router.

I operate my MBLD to fully configure by DHCP and reserved the IP I want the MBLD to use on the router and everything works fine.

OK, now home network seems to be OK.

I can have access by WD2Go and WD photo on my mobile.

It seems to doesn’t work by WD2go web site (connection impossible)

After some trys and other reboot of MBLD and router, I still have same problems as before…

So you have had this problem with your MBLD and your router from the first time you connected your MBLD to your router?

I can not remember who it was, but someone else has a connectivity problem with their MBLD and their network and I attempted to help him.  Advise I gave him was to update the firmware of his router and when he did that (It was a ZyXEL router) all the problems he had want away.

Have you tried to install the very latest firmware onto your LiveBox router?

It is also still the last firmware version…

If you have a friend with another make of router, try your MBLD with another router.

In France we seems to have specificities, like router are provided by our internet service provider with services : phone and television, and to have this type of services, we have to use their router and not an other one.

Also I suppose the router do not really support any problem in the home network like some bad requests coming from my MBLD.

By reading some other french forum, it appears that i’m not alone having this problem with this combination of Orange router and MBLD.

I’m convinced there are firmware problems in the MBLD and Orange router. The best way should be that Western Digital and Orange should be in touch to solve this. But Orange router seems to not have problems with other NAS from other companies and MBLD seems to work with other routers which have some firmware updates.

Thanks to Myron for trying to help me, if you have some other ideas I can do some other tests.

The reality for now is that it doesn’t work!

Tony do you have a suggestion?

Understood.  Sky here n the UK also have the same attitude and a number of my friends had wireless conectivity issues with the supplied routers.  A hardware incompatibility.  Someone put a password generator on the Internet what from the default SSID and the router’s MAC the ADSL username and password could be genrated which allows any brand of ADSL router to be used on Sky Broadband’s service.

Friend got a Belkin ADSL router and for over a year never a problem!

It is unfortunate Orange’s Internet service lock you into using their own routers.  I’m not sure of the router is the problem, but when people have problems with their NASs then they focus only on the piece opf equipment that’s not behaving, not considering that it may be misbehaving because of an external bit of kit that seems to be working fine.  Be caught in that trap many times.  A lot less now I got more experience under the belt.

What you could try is get a cheap gigabit network switch and use that instead of the switch built into the router?  This is clutching at straws.  Unless you have a friend who’s broadband service is not Orange, he/she have got their own router and you can plug your NAS into their router to see if the problem persists or goes away?

Yes I have seen the same behaviour  If the MBLD is set with a static IP address,  it creates quite a lot of spurious network traffic.  Especially to the DHCP server.   Every second or so it makes a request to the DHCP server asking it to  issue it with the static adress that you’ce assigned it.  The DHCP server records this as an error in its log, since it is not managing adresses in that range.

If you configure the MBLD to pick up the IP adress from the DHCP serever - it is then much more well behaved on the network.  (But still fairly naughty :wink: )

I also have discussion in one other thread in this forum.

I suppose to have an IPV6 issue on my router (Linux kernel 2.4 and known bug related to IPV6 on my router)

I ask to know if it is possible to desactivate it, just to do a test to check if it is the cause of my problems.

But it seems to be difficult.

The second way I can imagine is to build an IPV6 to IPV4 channel inside MBLD. But I don’t know how to do this.

I don’t know if WD did some test with some legacy router.

Also if this problem is confirmed, WD should provide something in firmware to be compatible with IPV4 router, or put a warning somewhere with compatibility prerequire items.

At the end, my net provider has announced a new version of router (with full IPV6 compatibilty) to the end of 2012. Just about 8 month to wait if WD can’t help me.