WDG2NC10000E wont start up

My Book World Edition II (blue rings) worked fine but needed to wipe the data from both drives. I removed both drives and completed a full data removal tool to remove all data. I put the drives back in to the enclosure and now the unit wont startup.

I have tried the reset in the manual and also the reset by holding the button on the front, but the unit wont turn on.

I have also tried turning on with one drive in, A & B singularly but still no difference.

I have removed both drives and formatted them using ntfs in windows7, both drives are seen and work.

Put the drives back in the enclosure and it wont startup. The unit is out of warranty, so any ideas to get the unit backup and running would be great. Otherwise i think the enclosure is a bin job. The Power Block has got a light on so presume its ok.

The network card is lit orange and flashing yellow slowly every second or so. I have checked the router and it hasnt got an IP address. I have also run angry IP and that hasnt seen it either.

I  think the drive’s were formatted using a lynux system originally, is that what i need to do, rather than format in windows?

I have downloaded the GPL file from WD, what do i do with this, will it help?

Is there any information (boot data) on the drives that was needed to boot up the device, or is it all on the internal chips in the enclosure?

Thanks for looking.

The firmware is contained on a partition on the disk.  As such, you’ve essentially bricked your drive.  It’s likely you’d need a sane MBWE2 disk to clone the firmware partition back on.  Short of manual cloning, you could try putting a sane drive from a working MBWE2 and letting the mirroring run its course to one of your formatted drives (if they were setup as RAID1).  Then take out the sane disk and pop your other original drive back in and let the mirroring happen again.

I googled around a bit and it seems wikidot has a procedure to restore the drive.  But it’ll require some Linux knowledge, that I can see.  Obviously this voids warranties and the usual yadda yadda.  I doubt Western Digital would support or condone this.

Thanks for your reply. I saw that post on the wiki dot site and have downloaded knoppix. I work for an IT company so will take it in to the office on Monday and see if one of the IT guys can go through the fix. I will let you know how we get on.

I haven’t got another WDG2 to clone the disk, but will try the above first.

Thanks Again.

We tried and tried and couldn’t get the wikidot page to work. The unit still wouldn’t boot up, we have given up now. I wouldn’t buy a WD external drive again. I found them un reliable.

Thanks for your help.

Which instructions did you follow? Did you pick the right one for your drive (blue rings) or did you use the instructions for the white light version? There is a difference between the two.

What happened when you did it? Did it make any change at all? Does it even start to power up? Do the lights come on, or does it make any noise when you plug it in?