Wdfme.exe fills my system disk

Have WD Smartware installed, the latest version on XP 32 SP3. If I leave my computer on over night, with wdfme.running (I normally kill it since it consumes massive amounts of CPU), I find that the system disk is full in the morning. When I kill wdfme.exe 8 GB is freed up instantly.

Pls comment.

This is an issue with WD Smartware, do you have the latest version installed?

I think so; I have and the software tells me there is no update.

Is there any update on this issue? Forgot MD Smartware running, and again C: filled up causing other software to fail. Ie WD Smartware is completely unusable as is.

I got told that was by design.  in windows 7 you can schedule the temp files to be cleared out, but in xp you have to manually empty the temp files to prevent another log file from being created at bootup.

so you are saying that WD Smartware creates a log file that 4-8 GB?!