WDC WD5001AALS-00E3A0 Problems

Hello guys,

About 1 year ago I purchased a WDC WD5001AALS-00E3A0 to replace the old HDD in my 24" iMac it all worked well until 1-2 months ago the HDD started “moving” slowly and became noisy it constantly makes crunching sounds…

I tryed defragmentig the drive, reinstalling my OS but  no changes. Anyone got some ideas of what else i could try ?

Thank you

You can try First Aid or Disk Warrior to verify the drive integrity…

If you already reinstalled the OS and the issue was not fixed I do not think that firts aid, or any other tool, will of much help. You may contact WD for a replacement.

by the sounds that you talk, it seems that the arm or bearings in the platters are not fully funcional

Hello guys, thanx for your answers, since i allready tried just about anything that i could think of… wich includes: defragmenting, OS reinstall, full format and repartition, etc.

I think i shall email WD to get some answers for my problem.

I bought this HDD because allmost every review i read said it is a fast and silent drive at this moment i disagree. 

it is normal… you should backup your drive and let it go for the warranty… its dying my driend :stuck_out_tongue: