WDBMYH5000ANC what's in the box?

Tbis is the retail blue 2.5" hdd. What’s in it. Does the internal drive come in a usb enclosure or just the bare drive?
Which wd blue drive is in the box? Wd5000lpcx?

If you buy a product labelled as an Internal Hard Drive … then it’s a bare drive, no case and not pre-formatted

If you buy a product labelled as an External Hard Drive … then it comes in a USB Enclosure and it’s pre-formatted for either Windows or Mac.

Is this how WD 2.5 drives OEM are sold new to cuatomers in general? It had an ooening and just a sticker. It wasn’t sealed ai’airtight’

WD don’t sell OEM drives to Customers unless you’re a Manufacturer or a Distributer.

If you have any problems or issues with the drive, then it’s not covered by warranty with Western Digital. You have have to deal with the person or place you bought it from.

If you purchase a Retail Drive, then it would contain all the packing and accessories and be covered by warranty with Western Digital.

OEM drives are sold to computer manufacturers or distributors in bulk packaging (bare drive only), and do not contain a warranty from Western Digital