WDBCTL0040HWT-00 not connecting to internet

I recently moved and I am trying to WDBCTL0040HWT NAS storage. I connected it to ethernet port of my router. I can see as shared network drive on my computer. But I am unable to see or add in mycloud account or do a mycloud setup.
When I try to add it via home.mycloud.com a/c, it asks for a 9 digit device code which my device doesn’t have.
When I go via My Cloud it takes me to wdmycloud.local which is not reachable.
Any suggestions how do I install it as a network drive that I can access from internet and not just as a shared drive.

If you can see the My Cloud in the Network Neighborhood or as a shared drive on the computer, but cannot access the My Cloud Dashboard (with a web browser) by the My Cloud name. You can try accessing the My Cloud Dashboard by it’s IP address. One can find the IP address by either right clicking on the My Cloud share icon or by accessing the local network router’s administration interface and looking at the DHCP address list of connected network clients.

How to Access the My Cloud OS 3 Dashboard
Steps to Access My Cloud OS 5 Administrator Dashboard

The default local network web browser link to access the single bay My Cloud Dashboard to configure the device is:

If you have a first generation single bay My Cloud, denoted by a P/N number (on the bottom of the unit) which ends in “-00” and running the v4.x firmware. That device cannot be accessed through the internet by using the internet My Cloud web portal (https://os5.mycloud.com/sessions/new). You have to use a web browser to access the My Cloud Dashboard instead. This is due to WD ending support for the OS3 My Cloud: My Cloud OS3 End of Support

Note: home.mycloud.com is for the My Cloud Home line of devices which is a different device than the My Cloud line of devices.

In certain cases after moving the My Cloud to a new broadband provider or changing broadband provider equipment one may need to reset the My Cloud by either a 4 second or 40 second pin reset.

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