WDBCTL0030HWT-10 Cant access dashboard and upgrade to OS5

Hi there.

I might be posting in the completely wrong section here but I have been trying to upgrade my WDBCTL0030HWT-10 to OS5. If I havent totally missunderstood it should be avaliable for OS5 or?
When I try to access the dashboard it just says “couldnt reach the server”.
I try to access via http://wdmycloud/
Should I use another webpage?

Thx for help in advance.

Best regards

Hi @Kronofogden,

Please refer to below link to reset the device:

Have you looked at the User Manual? See Chapter Five.

My Cloud Personal Storage User Manual (wdc.com)

It seems I had missunderstood the guide. I had renamed my mycloud and had to use the new name as “webbpage” and then do the 4 sec reset. Got the device upgraded now. Ty for all help.