WDAlign Software Download

Hi - I’m very new to this forum.  Sorry !!

I’ve spent the last three days trying to get hold of Western Digital Align software.

I have two 2TB Hard Disks which I cannot format upon attempting to install Windows.  I need to fix them NOW !!

HELP. - and PLEASE don’t send me to that Acronis site at: http://support.wdc.com/product/downloadsw.asp?sid=128 which flickers at me whenever I try to download the software and refuses to let me accomplish the desired download.

Yes - I have logged into the site and

Yes - I have two pop-up blockers (in I.E. and Google Toolbar)  and both are turned OFF. 

MASSIVELY frustrated about this foolishness and VERY ready to throw these **bleep** things out the window of a very fast moving vehicle.


Please check your PM.


I finally found the “Align” tool at another obscure location separate from the dead link.

Nevertheless, the dead link should either be fixed or removed because it causes nothing but frustration.

best regards,