WD7500BPKX Seeking, Click

Received the WD7500BPKX hard drive about a week ago.

  1. Is it normal for the drive to cut on at seemingly random times even when I’m not seeking information from the drive? For instance, I’m on my primary Toshiba hard drive right now running Windows 7, not even using my new WD second drive with Win 8.1, but the new drive seems to seek or kick on every minute or so for some reason. Is this odd / bad? Seem unecessary.

  2. When the new WD drive does kick on and off it makes a noticeable click noise. It is NOT a repetitive “click-click-click” just when it initially starts or stops. This sound might happen once every 3 minutes.

Is there a disk check I can run or something to see if this brand new drive is failing? Is this new hard drive a bad one?


It sounds like your drive may be aggressively autoparking during idle periods. I would examine the raw values of the Power On Hours and Load/Unload Cycle Counts in CrystalDiskInfo.


Tools such as wdidle3.exe, apmtimer, quietHDD, or idle3ctl may help you address this issue.