CrystalDisk shows Caution for this drive. Current Pending Sector raw count has increased in the last hour from 2F to 9D,

The DLGDIAG SMART test was PASS.  It is currently running the Extended Test, but the estimated completion time keeps increasing. It is now 19 hours.

Should I RMA this drive?


Remaining test time has now jumped to 29 hours!  Tech Support seemed to think that this long test time was OK.

Extended test would now take 90 hours to run. HDTune shows read and write speed at 2.4 MB/sec.

Two CRC errors, and Curent Pending Sector Count now above 900. Chkdsk/r took about 10 hours to run.

New SATA 3.0 motherboard and AMD Phenom II x4 CPU.

This is the second identical model drive to fail within two months of purchase.


rma the drive

what os are you using?

try in another computer to confirm the problem

XP SP3. 

This is the second failure with less than 60 days usage.

Funny that  WDC’s SMART  test shows no problems. Three other programs show Current Pending Sector and UMDA errors. 

I only have one PC, so testing by substitution is not an option.


did you align the drive to run on xp?

i dont know if is advanced format drive or not but try with the align tool