WD6401 keeps overheating and pc freezes regardless of temperature around

OK so i bought my 640 GB WD Caviar Black a bit more than a year ago, and smth like 2 months ago it started making “knock-knock-knock” repeating noise after every several hours of work. This happens only when hard drive temperature reaches approximately 42-43 degrees Celsius and higher. Looks like some chip overheats and cant manage read|write heads to actually read and write. Sometimes it stops making noise after several minutes and start working normally after several minutes, but  the data is often lost.

I have always been careful with this HD. However, this is the only hard drive that i had problems with (i had Hitachi, Samsung, Fujitsu and Seagate before). And this is “the-most-reliable-caviar-black-series”.

What can i do with this problem?

Please save answers like “install a cooler” since temperatures like 42 degrees arent even close to critical. And like “use your warranty” (it was a 1-year warranty given by my local Ukrainian retailer).

sorry but your hdd isnt safe

it is gonna fail anyway

you should use WD warranty


use warranty check :slight_smile: