WD60EFRX - fried tvs 5v diode?

My synology ds1815+ fried my 5v tvs diode and i want to know with what diode can i change because i didn’t find the original diode on any market. Tx!

I changed the D3 tvs diode from a hdd wd 1tb green to WD60EFRX but still does not spinning, please help!

You don’t need anyone’s help from here. You need the schematic for the TV found in the TV service manual…

Where can i find the manual?

You contact the TV maker for this info on their TV.

WD60EFRX is WD 6TB EFRX DRIVE is not a TV. THE TVS DIODIE IS IN POZITION D3. Dont replay if u dont know what it is plz. How can i mesure the PCB?

not sure if you still need help but here goes.
r43 is a fuse zero ohm resistor and is likely open.
when the tvs shorts this opens rather than burning the tvs till it opens which would then subject the drive esp the preamp to the overvoltage.
but the bigger issue is that you may have a power supply overshoot issue with the potential to damage this drive again along with other drives in the system.