WD60EFRX-68L0BN1 read error need help!

Hey this is my first post here, i have bought wd 6tb red hdd a week back, yesterday i got some free time to install it in my pc, i installed the drive, created partition and did check its health using crystaldiskinfo it was showing caution(Current Pending Sector Count 200/200), than i did test it using wd data life guard, it was not able to complete quick test, it showed error 20 and error 07, so i wanted to ask did i get a defective hdd, i have already added a support ticket. would really like some help here cause this hdd is not at all cheap, and i am gonna use it for my backup so that it utmost important.

Tried Write Zero Test Full Erase It Failed Here Are the Results

Test Option: WRITE ZEROS
Model Number: WDC WD60EFRX-68L0BN1
Firmware Number: 82.00A82
Capacity: 6001.18 GB
Test Result: FAIL
Test Error Code: 09-Sector #2724277248-2724277504::Write Zeros error!
Test Time: 23:06:09, September 05, 2016

Hey, it seems that you have a bad drive, as you are in contact with support already, request for them to replace the drive for you.