WD60EDAZ drive info

Hello, I have bought WD60EDAZ-11U78B0 drive. I cannot get any info about this HDD. Is it 5k4 or 7k2 RPM? CMR or SMR? Cache? Only I know it’s 512e - any possibility how to set it to 4Kn?

Its a WD Blue 5400 RPM 256Mb SMR.
It seems like only the WD Purple (PURZ) are native 4kn as its for large video files mainly and Linux OS in DVR machines. I dont think other drives can be converted from 512e to 4kn natively but you can chose any cluster size you like when formating the drive. I think up to 64k for FAT/NTFS but of course thats done by emulation and not natively. I usualy format my large file drives to 64k as they run better.